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  • About Panda
Recycled Products

The start & overall goal

Panda Recycling B.V. is an international company based near Rotterdam estabished by Pieter Borsje. After having an extensive career
in the logistical- and paper world, it was his time to convert the business challenges into opportunities with his company, Panda
Recycling B.V.

Experiences and abilities that have accumulated, by grace and blessing of God then by our well-studied strategic steps and future perspective of the markets needs and changes, have placed Panda Recycling B.V. in the position in terms of making and providing solutions and services that it presents in todays markets.

As we are constantly reminded, environments shift quickly and without warning. Panda’s goal is to be a stable overall quality performer in a continuously changing world, and thriving amidst volatility.

The business philosophy

One of constant care so no loss will hit the company, this seen on the long term not just the short term. The values and business principles are the ingredients for the mission and vision of the company being a well respected company where quality is constant at the core centre of the strategy to achieve the goal to be the industry’s obvious choice as a service provider.

Panda’s values are:

We act with respect, honesty and the highest ethical standards in our treatment of people and the environment, our duty to society and the law.

We do what we say, our word is our bond.

We love what we do.

To use with all we do thanks to God as it is given by his grace.

Business principles

Business principles govern how Panda does business, compliance with national and international legislation “doing what we do the right way” and thinking different.

Environment is a question of constant care and therefore bearing in mind the effect of her activities on the environment (planet) and will have a strong eye for all human aspects within and outside her company, the proper balance between People, Planet and Profit will be the basis for making business decisions.


To provide opportunities in the global business of commodities for all wise and profitable companies in the processing industry, whereby Corporate Social Responsibility (People-Planet-Profit) is the management process.

Panda wants to provide the processing industry with the required quantity and quality of recycled products. Corporate Social Responsibility is as management process the future by what Panda does, in this way Panda contributes to furthering the sustainability of the chain, resulting in social and environmental responsible decisions in addition resulting in the desired reduction of the CO2 footprint. Panda wants to contribute to furthering the sustainability of the chain by entering long-term strategic partnerships whose include strategic initiatives to reduce the chain’s footprint. Deploying and making available Panda’s expertise is an important tool in this. With its contribution, Panda wants to achieve good returns from trading and processing recycled material. As quality provider, the aim is always to keep costs as low as possible by optimising staff complement and conducting operations efficiently. Panda always looks at her available resources but sacrifices the short term over the long term as creating a professional fundament will lead to efficiency and leads to the goal to be a stable quality performer.


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