To be the reference company by providing opportunities in the global business of commoditities for all wise and profitable companies in the processing industry where Corporate Social Responsibility (People-Planet-Profit) is priority as the management process, to be the “Obvious choice” commodity trader.

Vision is what Panda observes in her relevant environment and what she wants to achieve, and therefore being dynamic, flexible, directly acting when solid opportunities are seen. The vision of the future is one in which Panda sees the world in a transformation and one from an industrial economy to a sustainable economy, where new sources of energy will florish, water treatment is a joint responsibility and will be given back to the society, waste is a new valuable asset, employees in all industries consistently will be valued and environmental influences will be a critical measurement of success.

Panda wishes to explore her professional fundament the next years focussed on consistency through an increased revenue and profitably but in balance with People and Planet. Respect, uprightness, passion, wisdom, striving higher with an entrepreneural mindset are important values to achieve this in a modest growing economy.


Providing quality products and quality care with a personal touch to satisfy the needs of the customer and her stakeholders in the context of the new management process of CSR, corporate social responsibility.

For Panda quality is and will be the answer to create sustainable competitive advantage, in products, logistics, and service, almost naturally creating her own niche markets leading to certain brand values leading to cost leadership within the niche market to surpass competitors.


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