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What is CSR?

We want to be a reliable partner for our suppliers and customers. This goes beyond the perfect delivery of products, we are eager to help them achieve their own sustainability targets.

Customers, suppliers, and society are making increased demands on the way products and services are produced. In addition they desire a transparency about honest information regarding the products and how they were produced. Due to this, Corportate Social Responsibility (CSR) became one of the most important management themes.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is about achieving a balance by all companies aspects, between the three P’s, People, Planet and Profit.

Why CSR?

Many organisations wishes to comply on concerned demands of CSR, in many cases however, the internal management of businesses is not effective to meet the CSR (corporate social responsibility) requirements. What is lacking is a system which enables companies to handle the CSR seriously and profound.

Many attempts are focused on the short term although results can be achieved, it does not cover the subject in total. As organisations do not operate in a vacuum, they perform CSR as separate activities, the real cohesion is lacking.

How is Panda applying CSR?

Panda has been applying a CSR-tool with ISO 26000 as norm implementing the CSR as process and not as individual activity, this with the goal as stated in our vision to be the “Obvious choice” commodity trader.

ISO 26000 provides guidance on how businesses and organisations can operate in a socially responsible way. This means acting in an ethical and transparent way that contributes to the health and welfare of the society.

A management system like 9001:2008 provides structure and a systematic approach, Panda is using this as flatform for the overall approach of CSR instead of an individual activity. In other words Panda takes the overall social responsibility as norm.

CSR as management process

CSR is embedded in all business processes. With every business decision, the different stakeholder interests are weighed up, the interests of the persons, companies and organisations involved. CSR is tailor-made. The CSR activities are different for every company, it depends on company size, sector, culture and on company strategy.

CSR is a process, not a final destination. The objectives pursue change over time and with every business decision. Panda is looking for achievable steps to give shape to social responsibility.

Panda’s international vision on CSR

Panda’s primary objective is to be the “Obvious choice” commodity trader. In all we do we strive to provide professional services and added value, making it possible for our suppliers and customers to make their decisions effectively and to improve their productivity.

Panda has the goal to get our system certified according to the CSR Performance Ladder being an international recognized company with CSR as management process.