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Panda Recycling B.V. is a formidable ally in the recycled fiber market, trading in a full array of recycled fiber products. We offer a variety of recycled fiber products but are focussed on the quality grades, ordinary grades only than when it contributes to our mission. Learn more about some Panda products underneath. These product examples show the range of our capabilities for trade throughout the world. For more information, please contact us today or fill in your inquiry on our website in the field of “contact”.

Panda buys according the 2013 US Paper Stock Standards published by the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries Inc, and the European list of Standard Grades of Recovered Paper EN 643. A significant number of the grades are described so as supplier and end-user you can contact us wishing to have a high valued price for your top quality recycle products or keen on buying these product from us.

2013 US Paper Stock Standards
Panda EN 643

2013 US Paper Stock Standards

Pulp Substitutes
De-Inking grades
Kraft grades
Groundwood grades

Europeans Standard EN 643

Ordinary grades
High grades