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Recycled Products

Management systems and certificates

Quality products can not be produced when the organisation is not working with quality processes. Management systems and processes are fundamental to create quality products and services. We have created awareness of quality in all areas of the company, largely by implementing a certified management system. This ensures that Panda continues to improve in all areas.

Panda believes in qualtity management, transparency and environmental accountability and hence begun directly the path to ISO 9001:2008 accreditation and passed the test the month of June 2013. The underlying values of ISO 9001:2008 are ‘improvement’ and ‘customer orientation’. Panda expects the same effort of all its stakeholders without exception. The core concept of the norm is applied throughout all services, quality management, transparency and environmental accountability are pillars of Panda’s work.

Furthermore all obliged legal certifcates in the countries Panda purchases recycled products are in her possession. For example in the Netherlands the so called VIHB-number under the decree of the Ministery of Infrastructure and Environment, the same Panda has for the other countries she purchases.

Certifications are one of the ways in which Panda can guarantee that her recycled products are collected, recycled, transported and sold in a responsible way. The business principle “compliance with national and international legislation doing what we do the right way”, is a golden rule.

In addition to the ISO 9001:2008 as management system, Panda also uses ISO 26000 as guideline for Corporate Social Responsibility as management process to balance all activities based on the norm of ISO 26000, not just executing individual activities without cohesion.

Certificaat-ISO_2009           VIHB-number

Quality products

Quality is imparitive in our todays market invironment, co-mingled products being out of date as not done, especially in the light of the companies of tomorrow taking care of the next generation.

Panda selects her suppliers and end-users on a global level carefully to fulfill the companies overall goal with the strategy of natural quality of traded recycled products, in addition looking at the overall management style of her suppliers and end-users fitting within the management approach of CSR. It puts the need of the client at the core centre of what we do, and beyond that in the context of the interest of all stakeholders.