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Global world of paper

Pulp and paper is one of the largest industrial sectors in the world, the world paper production is around 400 million tons a year.
The industry is still growing, around 2020 it is forecasted that the total consumption will be 500 million tons a year.

Pulp and paper production, consumption and wasting have many negative environmental and social impacts. The pulp and paper industry is among the world’s largest generators of air and water pollutants, waste products, and the gases that cause climate change.
It is also one of the largest users of raw materials, including fresh water, energy, and forest fibers.

Producing recycled paper causes 74 percent less air pollution, 35 percent less water pollution, and creates 5 times the number of jobs than producing paper from trees. It saves old-growth trees, forest eco-systems, native habitat and biodiversity.

World recovered paper collection per year is around 240 million tons with an annual global trade of 36 million tons. World recovered paper demand has grown by around 70 million tonnes (45%) in the last ten years. Asian demand respresent the majority of this growth, increasing by about 60 million tonnes. China alone registered a 260% recovered paper demand growth, fuelled by its fast growing paper and board demand, especially on the recycled paper and board side.

Although 2013 is a sluggish year due to economic global downtrend, the coming years the industry will still grow further only at a lower pace. Recovered paper will play the years ahead a vital role in the global production of paper with different opportunities per region. Due to globalisation in particular of the financial sector, technological improvements, and deregulation, economic crises can become more normal than we all think. It could lead to total different business cycles in our industry.

For the one’s staying ahead of the mulitude it can lead to new business opportunities, Panda chooses to be one of them.


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