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  • Why Panda
Recycled Products

Global partners

The competition is all around present with high overhead costs due to too many staff, local offices which creates in todays dynamic market environment a competitive disadvantage as market participants can be focussed too long on the past instead of tomorrow’s opportunities.

Within the management systematic approach of CSR (corporate social responsibility) above mentioned facts, creates disadvantages which in the new environmental business model of the future will lack a CSR advantage on different indicators, like carbon footprint, investments in the society as in different charity programs. Helping people fulfilling their dreams doing so called little things creating big things.

Panda has no global network of people legally connected to the company, however by nature connecting people like a franchise company. It keeps the motivation high as all participants are obliged to earn their own respect and money. In that sense Panda is like the natural Panda beer, only the strongest survive.

Global eye for opportunities

Panda has the global eye for opportunities, therefore most of the time we can encompass competition while we are hardly noticed. The moment we will be noticed we took our position in the market. Therefore our mission is to provide opportunities in the global business of commodities, not only for us but both for our suppliers and end-users and all stakeholders balancing the 3 P’s (People, Planet and Profit).

Panda creates by nature almost unnoticed her own niche markets serving the tissue and packaging industry around the world directly or indirectly with better quality grades, bulk grades when it fits the mission of the company being an opportunity.

Suppliers and end-users, if your company wants to benefit from the natural flow of Panda’s success do not hesitate and fill in your contact details in the section of “contact” and we will immediately contact you.